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No registration required to start mining, just use your wallet address as the username.

Payouts are in the currency you mine.
Made automatically every 1 hours for all balances above 0.001 and balances above 0.0001 on Sundays.
Blocks are distributed proportionally among valid submitted shares.
Please note that for some coins there is a delay before the first payout, usually no more than 6 hours. No need to worry, just wait a little before asking for support.

Do not hesitate to ask your questions on our discord channel

Pool without autoexchange

Fairpool logo Pool without autoexchange. If you need mining pool with autoexchange, see information below,
in pool with autoexchange section.

Stratum servers

-o stratum+tcp://<PORT> -u <WALLET_ADDRESS> [-p <OPTIONS>]

<WALLET_ADDRESS> should be valid for the currency you mine.
DO NOT USE a BTC address here, the auto exchange is disabled!
As optional password, you can use -p c=<SYMBOL> if pool does not set the currency correctly on the Wallet page.
See right area for PORT numbers. Algorithms without associated coins are disabled.

Pool with autoexchange

Fairpool logo We are pleased to present another pool developed by our team -,
a pool with autoexchange and BTC payouts.

Stratum servers

-o stratum+tcp:// -u BTC_WALLET -p c=BTC

-o stratum+tcp:// -u BTC_WALLET -p c=BTC

Mine in particular algorithm: this will let pool choose the most profitable coin in selected algo and auto exchange rewards to your BTC wallet.
Mine most profitable algorithm: use our script to mine in the most profitable algorithm in automatic mode (NVIDIA, cpu).
Mine particular coin: this will mine only the coin you want with autoexchange to BTC for payout

Happy Mining!

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MPM - Multiple YIIMP Pool Monitor
  • Background notifications for rigs (farms)
  • The actual balance in your currency
  • Pending balance
  • Total unpaid
  • Payouts in the last 24 hours
  • Total income for 24 hours
  • Hash speed